Elecat license prices

The very attractive license prices for Elecat already include the regular updates to all newer and enhanced software releases.

Elecat is available at very affordable rates:

  • Very cost effective
  • No investments needed
  • Upgrades to all future releases fully included

Our fair licensing model grants smaller companies substantial privileges depending on the size of the company (details). The left column shows the general license prices, which apply to all companies unless they are within one of these limits:

  • "Middle" is for owner-run companies with max. 500 employees and less than € 100 Mio. annual turnover, more
  • "SME" is for Small and Medium Enterprises as defined by the EU: < 250 employees, < € 50 Mio. turnover, more
  • "VSE" is for Very Small Enterprises with less than 10 employees and less than € 3 Mio. annual turnover, more
Annual license prices in € including regular upgrades
to all newer software releases
All Middle SME VSE
Elecat — Producer and Client
EC101 Elecat package consisting of:
  • Elecat Producer for importing PDF files and generating the data for the reader
  • ...with automatic link generator and manual link editor
  • ...with html generator for the search engines (to generate Html from PDF)
  • includes the Elebase database and product management system
  • file server of website is fully sufficient, application server is needed only
    for advanced and professional versions
  • usage rights for one PC (Elecat Producer) and one domain/URL (Reader)
  • includes usage right for the websites of all of your dealers / resellers
    for the Elecat client and the data generate by your Elecat Producer more
Price depends on the version
of the Elecat Reader,
see right below:
  Completely free of charge: Free version 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00
  Basic version 200 150 75 50
  Standard version 300 200 100 75
  Advanced version 450 325 200 125
  Professional version 650 500 350 200
EC102 Usage rights for one additional domain (URL) in% of the selected Elecat package 50% 40% 30% 20%
Elecat — Additional modules and options

Communication with Elecat users in the browser via chat
for the professional communication with visitors (browsers)
of your Elecat website consisting of:

  • Chat module in the browser client, so that visitors of your website
    can communicate and contact your sales people immediately via chat
  • Usage of our chat server for connecting browsers with your chat authoring software (your own chat server is available as an option)
  • Chat authoring software running in your office for the simultaneous communication with several browsers, i.e. visitors of your website
EC151 Installation flat charge
preparing our chat server for your domain
EC152 Installation flat charge
preparing your own chat server hardware for your domain

OmniFind search engine for fast and professional searching in the pages
of your Elecat website including database contents:

  • Module in Elecat-Producer for generating html files
    for indexing by the OmniFind search engine
  • Module in Elebase for generating html files from product data,
    from the content of the article database for OmniFind
  • All pages for generates for OmniFind are also available for
    the public search engine like Google for indexing by their spiders
  • Addition to the browser client for searching the OmniFind engine
    and for presenting the search results in Elecat
  • Operating the OmniFind search engine on our servers
    (no extra server needed) including administration by us,
    these services make up for most of the costs

The OmniFind search engine is free to use for up to 500.000 html pages.
Beyond this, license fees have to be paid to IBM.

EC161 One-time installation of the OmniFind search engine for your domain
on our server
EC162 One-time installation of the OmniFind search engine for your domain
on your server (we need root admin rights)

Video module for the Elecat client
enables the playing of video films in Elecat pages from your server
and/or adding YouTube videos to your Elecat pages

100 80 60 40

User statistics

  • Module in the Elecat client registering the user activities
  • Storing user activity data on the server
  • MS Excel files prepared for processing the statistics data
Elecat — Web application server

Elecat application server software
needed for the Elecat Reader Advanced and Professional versions

  • Server database MySQL
  • Registration and login of users
  • Storage of user favourites in the server database
  • Sending Elebase content via Ajax to browser clients and
    presenting the formatted data in forms in the Elecat client
  • This server software is also the technical precondition for:
    • User registration and login (= identification)
    • Enquiry of stock or availability by Elecat reader clients
    • Enquiry of customer prices and pricing conditions
    • Use of EleOrder in Elecat reader clients
250 200 150 100

One-time installation of the application server
required only when used on our server hardware (see next item)

EC203 Operation of the server on our server hardware
includes unlimited traffic and administration of the server
Elecat — Web application server — modules and options

Querying of stock or availability data by users of the browser clients

  • Enhancing the Elecat client by the needed forms
  • Module in the Elecat Producer for preparing the needed data
    including the import of this data from your ERP
  • Module in the Elecat Producer for administrating user rights
  • Module in the Elecat Server sending this data to browser clients
    depending on user rights and logins
125 80 45 20

Querying of customer specific pricing data by users of the browser clients

  • Enhancing the Elecat client by the needed forms
  • Module in the Elecat Producer for preparing the needed data
    including the import of this data from your ERP
  • Module in the Elecat Producer for administrating customer specific prices
  • Module in the Elecat Server sending this data to browser clients
    depending on user rights and logins
125 80 45 20
Elecat Publisher


  • Generates additional pages or entire product catalogs for Elecat
    from Elebase database content and formatted by user-defined templates
  • Contains a special version of EleExxel for generating Html-Pages
    from Elebase content using MS Excel
  • Contains a special version of ElePricelist for generating Html-Pages
    from Elebase content using MS Excel and/or MS Word
300 200 150 100
Customization, sources, additional requirements
  Customization of the Elecat software
We shall be happy to implement your individual requirements in Elecat. Please let us know your exact requirements in detail and we will supply you with a consulting and implementation project. Consulting and custom programming is charged at very moderate hourly or daily rates.

Program sources of the Elecat client
You can license the extremely well documented Elecat client sources in JavaScript for modification
by your staff and/or for including our sources into your own code. It will be very simple to work into our sources, because they are extremely well documented and implemented in pure object-oriented style with >20 yrs of o-o experience. For smaller changes it will be better to have them implement by us
into the original sources so that there will be no need to port these changes to all future releases.


Elecat can be fully integrated into your web portal, web shop, or your web application
Please talk to us if you want to integrate Elecat into your portal, your web shop or your web application. You can also use your name and logo for the Elecat software. Since more than 90% of the development effort was for Producer, Server and Publisher and only less than 10% for the client, it would be totally inefficient to reinvent the wheel, especially because the Elecat product line has cost a couple of men years to develop (as part of other projects and re-using our comprehensive o-o class library).

  Application server in other technologies
We are offering full co-operation to large end-users and distribution partners regarding the development of their own server logic to supply Elecat clients integrated into their web solutions. This applies if technical or strategical reasons dictate you to embed the Elecat logic into your existing systems in other technologies. We are absolutely open for such plans and we shall support you to the best possible.
Special offer to the first Elecat users during the Beta phase:

The Elecat Release 6.0 for paper catalogs in the browser is still quite new. This is why we are making this limited special offer to the first of Elecat user during the Beta phase:

  • Free license for the Elecat Publisher
  • Elecat Publisher with unrestricted versions of EleExxel and ElePricelist
    while these are otherwise restricted to generating html only
  • Free license for the Elecat Server (as soon as available)
  • Free licenses for these additions for three years

Terms and conditions

These rules apply:

  • All prices are exclusive of VAT, where applicable
  • All prices are for one year for use with your own catalogs'
  • All licenses are for one PC and/or for one domain (URL), unless otherwise stated
  • License prices include the usage rights for the Elecat client and, if applicable the Elecat server, for the websites
    all of the licensee's dealers / resellers (not valid for Elecat-Producer and Elecat-Publisher)
  • License prices include the regular upgrades to the latest and improved releases of the licensed software,
    thus there will never any costs for upgrading the newer software releases occur
  • Support is available on a time and material basis, for holders of support subscriptions at substantially lower charges
  • *Your own catalogs means: For the catalogs published by the licensee or, in case of dealers, also for supplier catalogs;
    there are different licenses for portals and service providers who supply or publish Elecat catalogs for third parties.
    Please request these special license and price details.


  • POR = "Price on request" we quote you the exact price, which typically depends on a couple of parameters
  • T&M = "Time and Materials" means that the time and materials needed to perform this service are invoiced,
    this applies to services that are not fully under our control like working with your server hardware




The whole family

For further details please refer to the other web sites of this unique software family:
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